Summary 2011

Thank you for attending Swedbank Baltic Card Payment Forum & Expo! We hope you got new ideas and information that help make card payment transactions more efficient and customer friendly! Please give us feedback about what do you think about the day so the next forum would fit your needs even better. At this page you'll also find presentation slides, photos and the video and contact information of our technology partners.


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1. Pre-event communication: website, registration, newsletters etc.
2. Conference materials: How did you like the brochure of the conference?
3. Plenary session: How was the programme in general?
3.1 Plenary session: How did you like Mikael Möller's presentation?
3.2 Plenary session: How did you like Peter Jones's presentation?
3.3 Plenary session: How did you like Steven Sweevelt's presentation?
3.4 Plenary session: How did you like Ramunas Strauka's presentation?
3.5 Plenary session: How did you like Mats Hendriksson's presentation?
3.6 Plenary session: How did you like Patrick Dixon's presentation?
4. Plenary session: How did you like the location?
5. Plenary session: How did you like the catering?
6. Expo. How did you like the exhibition?
7.1 General. To what extent you got new and useful business contacts?

Presentation slides

Acquiring Market Development and Being an International Acquirer - How Will Swedbank Position Itself?
Mikael Möller
, Head of Card Acquiring at Swedbank
Download presentation slides: ppt Mikael Möller.pdf

What Will the Future Payments Role in Merchant Business Be?
Peter Jones
, Managing Director of PSE Consulting
Download presentation slides: ppt Peter Jones.pdf

European Customer Behavior Trends and What Do They Mean to Merchants?
Steven van Sweevelt
, Senior Business Leader Commerce Development at MasterCard Europe
Download presentation slides: ppt Steven Sweevelt.pdf

Lithuanian Customer Behavior Trends
Ramunas Strauka
, Head of Swedbank Daily Banking and Investment Department
Download presentation slides: ppt Ramunas Strauka.pdf

What are Current Security Issues and Lookout for Merchants?
Mats Henriksson
, Senior Vice President of Pan-Nordic Card Association
Download presentation slides: ppt Mats Henriksson.pdf

What is the Future Like for Retail Business in 5-10 Years Time?
Dr. Patrick Dixon
, Chairman of GlobalChange
Download presentation slides (NB! Large file): ppt Patrick Dixon.pdf

Contact information of our technology partners


Rolandas Budriunas
+370 5 2514300


Edgaras Suchodolskis (Baltic region)
+370 650 10044

Rokas Adiklis (Baltic region)
+370 650 56400

Agnė Savčuk (Baltic region)
+370 655 26737

Gilbarco Autotank

Rimantas Maminskas
+370 (68) 635082

Atis Ozols
+371 67840405

Taavi Korsjukov,
+372 56 43 482


Donatas Jankauskas
+370 612 71 797

Ģirts Zirnītis
+371 291 61617

Andres Pillart
+372 545 10 500

New Vision

+370 5 243 12 52

+371 6745 55 00

+372 650 42 00


Daivaras Naujokaitis
+370 52644450

Ints Diminš
+371 67844740

Andi Maasalu
+372 53458325


Kęstutis Dagys
+370 5 2107247

Māris Kalniņš
+371 67409470

Sergey Kozinets
+372 6570700  

Forum movie

This is the summary of the forum movie. The movie is about the salesman who travels the day to complete a sales deal. While doing so, he himself discovers that card payments are all around us and here to stay. The movie was shot with 360-degrees camera allowing to see his day through his own eyes.


Here are some photos of the event helping you to recall the forum atmosphere.